Gift Box Set - Moira Rosé Sangria & Feeling Spritzy wine spritzer with garnish

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special?  Or want to treat yourself to something fun!  We've got you covered with our Gift Box Set!

Included in this beautiful box is:

Moira Rosé Sangria kit - rosebuds, cranberries, pineapples, & lemon with organic cane sugar  

Feeling Spritzy wine spritzer kit - cherries, oranges, pears & hibiscus flowers with organic cane sugar  

Garnish - rosebuds & jasmine buds

Fuse with: rosé, white, red wine or water

How to make

Fill · Empty package into a pitcher and add one bottle of your favourite wine or 3 cups of hot water. Let cool.

Fuse · Refrigerate wine & fuse for 1-2 hours.

Sip · Stir & add to a glass. Top with 1-2 oz of sparkling water, ice & enjoy!