• Fine Fragrance Oil

Fine Fragrance Oil

Fragrance room spray available in 3 scents.


The perfect way to wind down after a long day, fragrant french lavender on the nose with a hint of eucalyptus. Excellent for bedroom use. 

Key Scents:  Lavender | Eucalyptus


Sweet, Woodsy & Musky. The perfect scent to cozy up into with some grey sweatpants and a Netflix marathon. 

Key Scents: Teakwood | Vanilla | Musk | Mahogany

Log Cabin

Perfect for the outdoors friends - Fresh Pine, Citrus and a hint of Campfire smoke. A perfect balance of deep and earthy fragrance.

 Key Scents: Pine | Citrus | Campfire Smoke

 15 ml

Directions for use:

Use 2-3 drops to start in your ultrasonic diffuser and adjust based on your scent preference.

  • NOTE:  not a therapeutic or essential oil
  • Best used within 6 months of purchase
  • do not ingest / **do not use on skin** 


Newmarket, ON

  • $15.95