• Tea Lover's Trio

Tea Lover's Trio

The Tea Lover's Trio includes 3 boxes of delicious teas from Grow Tea Company. 

80g (40 cups) Organic Earl Grey Tea

Tasting Notes: Natural bergamot Infused

Caffeine + Antioxidant Level: Medium / High

Ingredients: Black Tea + Natural Flavours

Source: Dimbula, Sri Lanka

Grow: Bergamot tree produces a citrus fruit similar to a lime or orange. This fruits essential oils are used to infuse our Earl Grey Tea into a perfectly balanced blend. Over 100 bergamot fruit make only 85g of oil, making this blend a true labour of love.

100g Japanese Sencha Tea

Tasting Notes: Sweet, vegetal steamed tea leaf. From Kagoshima, Japan this leaf is grown near a volcano. It is typical for the farmers to wipe the leaf of volcanic ash, giving this Green Tea wonderful characteristics. Caffeine low + Antioxidant Level High.

Ingredients: Green Tea

Source: Kagoshima, Japan

The Plant: Camellia Sinensis Sencha green tea plants are a bit different to other forms of green tea. The plant is exposed to direct sunlight throughout its life, producing mass amounts of Vitamin C. Our Sencha leaves are steamed when processed keeping the nutritional content in tact, with beautiful smooth vegetal notes.

80g (40 cups of tea) Royal Oolong Tea

Tasting Notes: Floral With a Creamy Finish. 

Caffeine + Antioxidant Level: Low / High

Ingredients: Oolong Tea + Green Tea + Amaranth + Cornflower + Calendula + Sunflower Petals + Natural Flavours

Source: Dimbula, Sri Lanka + Nile River Delta, Egypt

Grow: Camellia Sinensis, the leaf and bud are plucked, withered in the sun, then cooled. It is rolled into the iconic Tie Kuan Yin shape, dried and packed.


Grow Tea Company, Banff, Alberta.