Small Sari Silk + Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging

These adorable macrame wall hangings would be the cutest nursery wall decor! 

Perfect for adding a little boho love and texture to any area of your home!

Made with Northern Ontario driftwood and 100% recycled rope, and embellished with pretty sari silk. 

**Each piece of driftwood used is unique and will vary in size and shape from piece to piece.**


100% recycled cotton rope, driftwood, sari silk 


Height - Pieces vary between approx 4.5"  to 5.5"

Width - Pieces. vary between approx. 6" to 7"

Measurements include driftwood 

**Hang to remove any creases after shipping, gently run fingers through rope to rearrange**

Sudbury, Ontario
  • $15.00