• Grace Bracelet

Grace Bracelet

Grace offers energy for love, loyalty & communication. Gemstones include rose quartz, white jade, blue lace agate & cedarwood. Wear solo or mix and match with your favourite L.B.E Fashion piece(s).

Rose Quartz | love, self-esteem, harmony, compassion, forgiveness

White Jade | clarity, potential, success, prosperity, intuition

Blue Lace Agate | communication, loyalty, calm, love, serenity

Cedarwood | calm, stress relief, clearing

Since gemstones absorb energy from you & your surroundings, we recommend you cleanse your pieces from time to time. You can do so by smudging, leaving out in the full moon moonlight (we recommend window sills indoors) or by cleansing with selenite crystals. 

All pieces should be gently worn with care, not exposed to water or excessive heat. 

  • Gemstone & wood beads

  • Standard sizing - fits wrists 5.5 - 6.5 inches (depending how snug or relaxed you prefer) 

  • Color may vary slightly

  • You will receive this exact bracelet as shown.

  • Only 1 available.