• Mini Infused Honey

Mini Infused Honey

MIni Infused Honey


Cinnamon Infused Honey

Bee Savvy's first infusion and always one of the most popular - it's their 'Ol Faithful'. This vibrant blend combines two distinct Ottawa Valley honeys and the purest ground cinnamon for an unforgettable flavour experience.

Turmeric and Ginger Infused Honey

This zippy ground ginger and smoky ground turmeric combination produces a health boosting blend that's as delicious as it is versatile.

Espresso Infused Honey

Blended with locally (Arnprior) roasted SNARK dark coffee, this aromatic snack is as much a treat for the nose as it is for the tongue. It can best be described as the tastiest candy or chocolate coated coffee bean you've ever tasted.


Hot Pepper Infused Honey

The bees bring the sweet and Bee Savvy add the heat. Say hello to everyone’s favourite hot pepper infused honey. A variety of crushed hot peppers infused in pure unpasteurized Eastern Ontario honey creates a sweet heat wave to wake up your taste buds.

By Bee Savvy Honey (Arnprior, ON).

  • $8.00