• Cotton Soap Saver

Cotton Soap Saver

100% cotton SOAP SAVER bags allow you to use every bit of your favourite soap which makes them the perfect zero-waste alternative.

Simply put all your tiny slivers of soaps into the bag, tighten the drawstrings and use it as you would a loofah or washcloth. Not only does it help increase the lather and life of your soap, it also doubles as an excellent exfoliator, gently scrubbing away dry and rough skin while improving your circulation, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.

There’s no need to remove the soap from your SOAP SAVER bag between uses, simply hang it and allow it to drip dry. Machine wash as needed, be sure to remove any soap bits before throwing in the wash.  Hang to dry.

 Dimensions: approx. 4"x 6" 


Handmade by Hudson Soap, in Hudson, Quebec.

  • $3.00