Body Vase | Various Colors

This listing is for one body planter/vase. The planter is in the shape of a woman's torso; butt and boobs included! Plant is NOT included.

NOTE: All planters are totally unique and will vary lightly in colour, colour uniformity (streaks) as well as have bubbles, seams and imperfections. These planters are NOT that perfectly smooth ceramic type style.

Various colours are available. The planters are made of plaster cement and dye. The hole in the planter is approximately 3 inches deep. A plant in a 2-3 inch pot will fit nicely. There is no drainage hole. The finish is chalky matte and the planters are not sealed/waterproof - the best way to water your plant is to keep it in a small planter or cup and take it out of the babe vessel to water it.

Height: 4 inches
Width: 3 inches

Each vessel is hand poured in Oshawa, Ontario

Due to the handmade nature of each item, some small imperfections may be present.

  • $35.00