• Baby Bum Butter

Baby Bum Butter

Baby bum cream was specifically designed to protect and soothe delicate skin. Every ingredient was consciously chosen to help heal and calm your baby’s skin from common irritations, including painful diaper rash. 

About the Ingredients:

    • Shea butter was chosen for its moisturizing power and the added vitamin A and E that will help soothe your baby’s skin.  
    • Zinc oxide was added for its ability to keep away bacteria and infection, providing a layer of protection.
    • Lavender to help soothe inflammation and minor skin irritations
    • Tea Tree Oil for its natural antibacterial properties
    • Coconut oil to add moisture and reduce inflammation
    • Zero Parabens, Zero Chemical, Zero Artificial Fragrances
    • 5oz tin

Are you shipping this product? 

Great! We hope that you love it. This product is sensitive to temperature, so please make sure that someone is there so that it can be brought indoors as soon as possible. 

Barrie, Ontario

  • $22.00